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Original Github issue: Generate pronounceable passwords · Issue #119 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

I want to be able to generate pronounceable passwords similar to what the LastPass password generator (pwdgen) can do ( A feature on top of this I would like to see is the pwdgen replacing letters with numbers and symbols if the either (or both) the numbers and symbols checkbox is selected.

For example:

Letter      Replaced with
a           @
e           3
l           1
s           5, $
o, O        0
i           !

It would be great if bitwarden also allows the user to customize what letter is replaced with what number/symbol, and define their own for pwdgen to use.

I addition to this, I’d suggest a toggle in order to make the inverse, @talha131.

So we could mix with resembling special characters whilst making it “memorable”. I don’t know if you get it, but it’s just a matter of taste. I tend to compose big master passwords like that. (Mixed with special characters that look like letters.)

Yes, a Pronounceable PW generator would be very useful. I frequently have to generate PW for clients and users, but overly-complex PW don’t help as they will frequently replace with their own “123pass” insecure PW.

SplashID (which I am moving away from) has a very good Pronounceable tool that generates a sequence of readable and memorable PW that ends up with many fewer “the PW doesn’t work” responses, due to miss-typed data entry.


I think this Github issue Suggestion: Add option to use sequence of English words for generated passwords also belongs to this feature request.


I think this is a great feature, and would be great to have. Coming from SafeInCloud which does this very well, it would be nice to have this on BitWarden

Thanks for raising this, as it is a feature I’ve been looking for out of a password manager. Since I wasn’t able to find an existing feature request on the forums I opened the following for voting:

Similar title, entirely different interpretation.

This would be very useful. For example, when I log in to my Microsoft account in Windows Recovery I don’t have access to my Bitwarden vault yet. So I need to type in my 32+ character random character password instead of a mnemonic.

There’s a lot of open source and online sources available.

(This one I particularly like not because its online via HTTPS but because it has a lot of useful configuration toggles such as defining a seperator, CAPS, using numbers somewhere, and so on. It also estimates the amount of entropy bit, differentiating between blind and full knowledge. They also link to a Perl module)

This one seems to be a GUI.

There appears to be CLI one as well?

More via

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I use KeePassXC to create passphrases (and other things, obviously). Maybe could be useful for someone here untill there is something like that in Bitwarden.

You can roll a dice with the diceware sheet too.

What is really nice is that it shows the approx entropy. This is a feature I currently miss in Bitwarden.

There’s only 1 way to satisfy everyone. Improve password generator - #5 by brunobronosky

Passphrases produced by Bitwarden are usually pretty pronounceable in my experience.

If you think a particular one is unpronounceable then you can always press the button to generate another one.

The generator just came up with Yearly0EquipmentNarrow for me, which is pretty pronounceable. That could even be spoken over the telephone, if anyone uses such primitive things as telephones these days. Depending on the use I might want to make it say five words, rather than three.