Generate Password using Lesspass

Hi Everyone,
I want to suggest an optional feature that comes in my mind.I want to integrate lesspass(opensource) with bitwarden.

What is the feature -
Add an optional option in password generator to generate password using lesspass with one seperate key other than BW master password. I mean If I type that site domain-name,username and password in then it should generate that password.

Why I want this feature -
Suppose a scenario where you are suffer in hot desert where there is no water and you want find mobile in beside dead man who is dead because of no water.And you find there is no call balance to call but mobile got internet access (by making internet tower from yourself from sand) and you want to access facebook to tell anyone that you suffer here or share location.Now you find you didn’t remember password of your facebook account and you don’t have access to bitwarden(with 2fa). Ha ha don’t take seriously it just story created by my mind. just for that case I need that feature so that I generate password for my essential sites instantly in emergency.

If it is not possible to integrate it in bitwarden then leave it and finally its just mind created thought.