🚧 Generate disposable e-mail aliases

While Mozilla’s Firefox Relay doesn’t offer an API that I’m aware of, it could be that the open source project https://github.com/mozilla/fx-private-relay could be a good basis for providing the relay like email service. I would love to see such an integration.

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Here is an official statement from 1Password:

Of course, I’d be happy to answer your question! I’m delighted to hear you’ve had good experiences with our customer service team, they are the best, and I’ve heard great things about SimpleLogin’s CS team as well.

We keep a running list of email alias providers and SimpleLogin is at the top of that list. I can’t promise anything, but know that we hear you and we would love to add more providers soon, especially if they have a JMAP API. Stay tuned!

They seem to be ahead of Bitwarden (again…). I wonder if Bitwarden could support JMAP, it would make everything faster if there was some standard API for email providers.

Since this has been implemented via forwarded e-mail alias in the generator tool. I would like to suggest the ability to change the instance urls (ie for selfhosting anonaddy in my case). I think this would be on the client side (browser extension, mobile app, etc)

It would also be super good a button to write your email (and also add more email addresses) directly in the username field, without + flavours. It is so annoying always writing my email in that field…

Are we talking about the same thing? this is a new feature added last month Add Privacy and Security Using Email Aliases With Bitwarden | Bitwarden Blog

Yes, my idea was not about privacy, but only about velocity. I was talking about the autocomplete of the username field in Bitwarden’s account insertion.

So awesome that this is live! Not sure if I should make a separate post/request for this. But I’d love to see duck.com email aliases get added as an option someday!