Gain focus on already opened pop up window when clicking browser BW icon

Feature name

  • Gain focus on pop up window when clicking browser BW icon

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently? Gain focus of the already opened pop up window when user clicks the browser extension bw button
  • What benefits will this feature bring? Use one instance of the bw client (popped up window) instead of pop up window and drop down from BW icon in browser
  • If the user has the pop up window open then they probably want to use the pop up over the drop down window from the extension button in the browser

Hello @ikwyl6 - welcome!

I might be misunderstanding what you are suggesting here, and if so I apologize, but whenever I click the BW icon in my browser (Firefox, Safari), this is exactly what happens for me - the focus is on the BW window and the cursor is active in the Search Bar. If I click the button to pop out the BW window, the focus is also transferred to the new window that appears.

Does this not happen for you? Or are you suggesting something else? It wasn’t clear to me.

Hi @dh024
If you have a bitwarden popup separate window (a smaller browser window) that is opened by clicking the top left icon next to the ‘Search vault’ search field from the browser extension button… this is the pop up window that I’m talking about. If I minimize that bitwarden pop up window and I then click the browser BW icon in the extension part of my Brave browser then I would like the minimized pop up window to gain focus and pop up on my screen so I can use it. This does not happen for me by default.

Currently if I have this pop window minimized and I click the bitwarden extension button in my browser, the extension drop down menu/screen that drops down right below my extension button is shown and nothing happens with the popup.

I hope this makes more sense…?

Thanks for clarifying - now I totally understand what you are requesting. :+1: