Form fill bug?

When I fill a form using an Identity and the form has fields for:
Confirm Email

which is a very common scenario for forms. I notice bitwarden fills in the first field correctly with email, but the Confirm email it fills in with street address rather than the email. Why is trying to fill in an email field with a street address?

It there a way to inform bitwarden that it should always fill in the Confirm Email field with the email rather than using street address?

Thank you!

Depending on how the email confirm field was named, etc. It may be tricky on that particular site.

You can use custom fields which can be auto-filled to accomplish this, but it would also be good to report the site on our GitHub issue tracking autofill behavior if you could:

I inspected the “Confirm Email Address” in the browser and it’s question_confirm_email. I added it as a custom field with the name as that label and the value as my email address. Now when I fill the form it does something really bizarre. It fills in my email address in the field, then quickly overwrites it with the street address. Does this sound normal or like a bug? It sees the word Address in the field and even with a custom field defined it inserts the street address into this field. Today, we are all doing a lot of zoom meetings, etc and zoom is one of the forms which has this issue and it’s really annoying to have to manually fix it each time.