Forgot login username and email used to sign up for Bitwarden

Forgot login username and email used to sign up for Bitwarden
I still remember the password.

What can I do?

Unfortunately, you will have to reset your vault and start from scratch:

Or just create a new account again.

I did not forget the password.

OK, I could have sworn you said that you did.

If you know the password, can’t you guess at what email you used??

You said you forgot the “login username and email used to sign in” but I don’t think there is a separate username and email, I think there is only an email address.

Can someone at bitwarden figure out what I was using.

Unfortunately we’re not able to see that information in a manner that could help.

Though, if you try to create a new account and try to use an email that is already in service, we’ll let you know :sunglasses:

I reinstalled the whole system and only then noticed I don’t know the email address.
I use the same settings and browser etc. Is there no way to figure it out by fingerprinting and similar.

It’ll be impossible for me to figure it out as I created a new address just for that purpose and have no record.

Here’s the data we store/have access to: Administrative Data | Bitwarden Help & Support

Bitwarden uses zero-knowledge encryption and we basically wrap your whole account into that data, so we have no real knowledge of how to narrow things down, other than by, you guessed it, your email address.

Meaning , if I enter email, password, name and attempt to create an account, I will be informed that I already have an account?

Yep, that’s correct @oeil :slight_smile:

A device specific ID is mentioned

A Bitwarden-generated device-specific GUID (sometimes referred to as a Device ID, and used to alert you when a new device logs into your Vault.)

Yep, but it is attached to an email address, and is generated by each client instance. It’s just to let you know when a different device signs in.