For Bitwarden extensions change the color, size, or location of Master password or Search vault window

I believe it would be a good idea to re-color the Master password field on the locked extension screen in a red tone/hue, to help distinguish this form from the Search vault field under Tab - at first glace, these two fields are very similar. When I’m working quickly, I often accidentally type my master password into the Search vault field, exposing my master password or parts of it on my screen.

This applies to desktop browser extensions of at least Safari and Chrome.

Would it be possible to change the color or some other feature to distinguish between entering master pw and searching my vault? I find myself not paying close enough attention and I enter my master pw into my vault window, i.e., I’m already logged in and don’t need to do that. Can either window be resized/moved/color changed to show not logged in versus logged in to avoid typing an unencrypted pw?