Folders: Allow item to appear in multiple folders

There are many items which it would be useful to list in different contexts: Eg:

  • A bank might appear under “Financial” and under “Essential_Business_Relations”.
  • The roadside service AAA might appear under “Travel”, "Vehicle, “Insurance”, or “Essential_Business_Relations”

This is not huge, but it might greatly increase the value of the Folders. There are times when I don’t recall the exact spelling which will find an entry, but I do have some idea of the type of thing I’m looking for. However, many entries are very fuzzy and can be categorized different ways.

Right off I don’t see a downside or conflict to this feature, except, of course the resources to implement it.


Agreed! For example I have lots of Items for my kids. I would like to have some of these Items under folders for just their particular name “Sue” and another folder named “School”. Another example is a folder named “Email” but some items could also be under “OSINT” or “Sue”.

This is essentially the idea behind adding tags to vault items, which is a long-requested feature. You might consider supporting it by adding your vote here:

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