Folder strucuture in collections not visible to users

We recently moved from LastPass to Bitwarden and with that we migrated our shared folders over to collections with Bitwarden. I did this by importing the LastPass csv for each shared folder I wanted to setup. With this, it brought in the folder structure that was in place previously into Bitwarden. It turns out, other users cannot see the folder structure at all or even have the option to save new items within a specific nested folder as it just isn’t visible. They have full edit access to the collection though. I confirmed this is an issue with a normal user and an admin user as well. This happens using the browser extension in multiple browsers for these users as well as the web vault. We are all on Mac, in case that is relevant here. Is there something I can check on my end as it seems I am the only one that is able to see the folders.

Hey there, did you import into the org vault or the individual vault. Just to clarify, folders in Bitwarden work more like tags and are used to organize your personal view, while collections represent shared folders and exist in the organization vault.

If you imported into the org vault and not seeing the expected structure, you can also preview and condition the file before import by conditioning it: Condition a Bitwarden .csv or .json | Bitwarden Help Center