Folder structure not visible

My Win10-Bitwarden-desktop hangs after login.
The folder structure is not displayed.

Everything else works: All Items, Favorites, Search Vault, …
No problems under Android, Chrome, …

Deinstall, reboot, install does not help.
Any ideas? Thanks


I’m having the same issue on Windows and Linux systems. Issue seems to have started after the latest update. can someone else confirm this?

Version 1.26.3 under Windows works for me. My folders do not have special characters (besides from underscore and space). Do you have others ?

I have the same problem since the update. Uninstall, clean registry and reinstall helped me (short term) After restarting the same problem again.

Yes, as I can remember, the program works fine a few days after update.
Looks like an cash-overflow.

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Me too, the previous version is working well

This is a bit ridiculous. Is this a bug? can someone from Bitwarden please investigate? Please fix!

Issue is already open

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Thank you for the update. Looking forward for a fix.

Same issue here, uninstall and reinstall works however only for that instance of running the windows app. So cant reinstall everytime you want to run the app right… :slight_smile:

Simpler way than uninstalling and it works is delete everything in the folder %AppData%\Roaming\Bitwarden\

Sure you have to re-enter your email and password but a little less time than uninstall and reinstall.

Ditto. No folder structure showing in desktop app.

This problem is temporary solved by edit the data.json file in %AppData%\Roaming\Bitwarden\ (see Github link by @bwj) and waiting for the next update.

Direct link to the temporary solution description:

Deleting that line from data.json fixes the problem as stated. I did not need to delete the comma at the end of the previous line. Will hold on collapsing any part of the folder tree until there’s a permanent fix. Thanks.