Flow for changing a password on iOS

I wonder what is the flow that you use when changing passwords for websites on ios.
I’m a lastlass convert and I think what I was doing there is something like:

  1. Login to target website using regular autofill
  2. Go to password change page
  3. Autofill is shown.
  4. Find the item in vault, but instead of using it to autofill, press edit.
  5. Press the button to generate a new random password
  6. Save item
  7. Press for autofill/or copy to clipboard and paste twice.

For bitwarden step 4 is not possible, I can only autofill the current password.

In bitwarden I open the app, go to password generator, copy password and paste it on website, then open the app again, search for item (although it was already found by autofill), edit, paste the same password there. I feel really uncomfortable doing this: extra search, pasting the password by hand, opening the app separately.

Maybe I’m missing something and there is a cleaner way?

Thanks :+1:

Did you ever figure this out? I also ran into this issue. I left LastPass after the breach then left 1Password for bugs like these.

I don’t think anything improved, password changes are still a pain point