Flexibility to use Email address or Username for login field

Current Scenario

  • Many websites allow an email address to be used for logging in, rather than creating a separate username.
  • Some websites allow creating a separate username, but it cannot be used for login, e.g. ubuntu.com.
  • Most people have several email addresses and use different emails for different sites and sometimes multiple accounts on the same site.
  • For sites which allow both email address and username, I am creating the following Custom Fields:
  1. A Custom Text Field for either “Email Address” or “Username” depending upon which site uses what
  2. A Custom Boolean Field: “Use for Login?” to check whether the site allows Username/Email Address for logging in


  1. Rename the current “Username” field label to “Email Address / Username”
  2. Have a drop-down to select either option
  3. Once the user selects their preferred option, automatically create a checkbox for: “Add Username” or “Add Email Address” (alternate of the previously selected option). Maybe this can be done in the extensions automatically by checking whether the login field has a “@” sign or not?
  4. If the user selects that entry and fills up the field, show a checkbox next to it “Use for Login”

I think this will add robustness to the login information storing.

Yes, it does add more complexity to the database and back-end coding, but I feel it can make the end-user experience a lot better, particularly for many organisations.

NOTE: If you guys are looking to move forward with this in future iterations, I would be more than happy to help with testing.

Many thanks.