Fix Bitwarden in Firefox private mode

The current way of using Bitwarden in Firefox private mode is really tedious, if you aren’t logged in you have to open a normal window, login then use the context menu to auto-fill.

I tested quite a few other password managers and none of them have any issues with Firefox private mode. I read the issue on the Firefox bug tracker however by the looks of things using getBackgroundPage isn’t the only way to access content, other password managers clearly have figured out an alternative.

I also find this slightly annoying, would be awesome if it was fixed!


Has bugged my for a while because I use private mode a lot


I just stopped using Firefox

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I would really like to see this fixed also.

I’d be really pleased if this issue was solved.

I second this suggestion.

What’s the issue? Seems to work fine for me.

The only feature in Bitwarden in Firefox private mode is context menu based auto-fill, you aren’t even able to login, you have to first open a non-private window, login then go back to the private window. This is a big workflow issue for me personally because I use private mode a lot.

Ah, OK. It works fine on Firefox for Android, haven’t tried it in the desktop browser.

Agreed, I would love to be able to use Firefox again, I hear it’s pretty good again

Is that still not fixed? I stopped using Firefox along time ago because of it and assumed it would be fixed at some point.

I started using Enpass, I do prefer Bitwarden however the fact is doesn’t work in Firefox private mode is a complete deal breaker for me. I signed up here to see if they had fixed it but clearly not.

YES! Please fix this!

Would be awesome if this was fixed

Would be cool if that was fixed. I use Firefox because I’m unhappy with the dominance Chromium based browsers have. Firefox is a none-profit company, just like their motto says “made for people, not for profit”

I am also annoyed by this, it would be cool if it was resolved