Fix Automatic Vault Lock in Android

I posted about the Bitwarden Android app automatically locking itself after a recent upgrade, even though the vault is set to never lock.

Today I found out that this issue began with version 2023.9.0. I downloaded 2023.8.0 and the issue is NOT there. The vault stays unlocked when the option is set to “Never” lock.

Can someone see what changed between version 8 to 9 to see what was broken or fix whatever is causing this bug?

Thank you guys!

Hi @Jsin - thanks for reaching out. This was a known issue and will be fixed with the next release. Going back to the previous version as a workaround is just fine until the new release comes out.

Thank you for your reply.
That’s great news!
Is there anywhere that we can do to read “what’s new” or bug fixes or improvements for new Bitwarden releases?

Thank you.

I recently upgraded to the 9.1 release and it is even worse! It locks the vault every few minutes.