Fix auto-fill for login forms that use autocomplete attribute (e.g.,

The username and passwords fields are not auto filling on Here is what a reddit user figured out about this issue.

It appears to be a problem caused by the fact that the login form username field has defined the attribute autocomplete="off" (which forbids auto-filling), while the password field has defined the attribute autocomplete="current-password" (which is designed to work with the browser’s native password manager).

@jx1 Welcome to the forum!

Per the Reddit thread you are referring to, I think that you meant to propose a feature for defeating the autocomplete attribute when present, correct?

If you are just looking for additional advice beyond what you received on Reddit, I can move this topic to the Ask the Community section of the forum.

Conversely, if you did intend to post a Feature Request, then I would suggest changing the thread title to reflect what you are proposing (e.g., “Autofill forms that use the autocomplete attribute”). I can change the topic title for you if you agree.

I Think it is Self-explanatory what I am asking I just want BW. to fill in the username & password fields when the page loads. I am just a user not an expert so that is all I have to add.

I updated your post title (was :“Auto-fill not working on Formally HBOMAX”).