First impressions: email address

I just want to let you folks know my first impressions upon installing the b i t w a r d e n app. I had to spell that out because I’m using voice input today.
Okay first let’s talk about signing up for this community forum. During that process it asked for our email address. And it clearly says what will happen with it. Okay now let’s talk about when we start the b i t w a r d e n app. We also need to enter our email address to sign up for a new account. But we never see what it’s going to do with our email address. No we aren’t worried. We just think it should say that it’s just going to send us a welcome message and also use that email address for our account name. Usually one thinks that maybe it is trying to use the email address for a confirmation link. But that apparently is not the case. All I’m saying is during the process there should be a few little letters underneath the box for entering our email address saying that it was just used for establishment of account name will and sending a welcome letter. Yes I’m sure all this is documented. But I’m just talking about what you should see when they first use the app. Thank you. Boy it’s hard to use this forum him on a cell phone. I even had the to pick the first random tags I could because I couldn’t scroll them down to pick any of the correct ones.

Welcome to the forum! FYI, I changed your tag from app:browser to app:web-vault.

Personally, I always read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before checking the box :ballot_box_with_check: to accept these terms. However, I think your suggestion is a good one. By the way, there is an email verification process, but it is optional (you can trigger it from the Web Vault). Your email must be verified if you want the use the Send feature.

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