Firefox Plugin Fails

FF - 102.0.1
BW Plugin - 2022.6.1

The popup opens as anticipated.
Nothing happens except a “loading gif”
Never loads anything ever!
Uninstall plugin
Reinstall plugin
No change
Browser is open to everything.
No other plugins installed!

Any suggestions?

Hey there, can you try changing networks or switching VPN connection to see if there is any interference?


Was my first selection.
Plugin works on Safari, Waterfox, Orion as it should.

Used my phone hotspot and nothing different

Thinking FF - 102.0.1 has an issue that’s driving this?

It might just be a corrupt Firefox profile. If it was a problem with the extension, I am sure more people would be reporting it.

Have you tried creating a different profile or repairing/removing & replacing your current one?

I’m running Fedora 36 and have the latest available version of Firefox, which is 102.0. I also have version 2022.6.1 of the BW extension.

It’s possible that the very latest point release has an issue, but I’m unable to test it myself. Are you on Windows?