Firefox linux login does not work, and linux some apps do not work


Firefox addon does not work, is updated and older version does not work.
From github Bitwarden-2023.8.4-x86_64.AppImage does not work
From github Bitwarden-2022.5.1-amd64.deb does not work.
Chromium login with app does not work.
Login on main website from bitwarden does not work.
Snap install from ubuntu mate does work.
On a different pc the addon in firefox works.

I use ubuntu mate, then I installed the snap version, this works.

Now in firefox sometimes login works, but the next time it’s stuck after password, or after the ubikey,
then the next time login works.
Same for chromium and chrome.

I reset all browsers settings, played with security settings of browsers, but this didn’t help.
I removed all flatpak software from pc(could be this possible).

Now a day later, al 3 browsers work, I tried several times to login, and it works all the time, I always do a full logout.

How to solve this?
Wait for a update?


P. Mitterbacher.

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