Firefox extention not uploading password details

I have a problem trying to upload the password vault into the vault on the webpage.

Anyway that I can troubleshoot this?

Sorry. But I don’t understand. Can you specify some more details

So I have BitWarden added to Firefox. Whenever I try to sync it. It doesn’t seem to show up on the vault at the BitWarden website.

Do you sync by puling down and refreshing or pressing the sync vault now button.
Try logging in and out of the web vault.

OK, so I have logged out in and out of the web vault. Then next I went to settings in the Bitwarden add-on in Firefox, and clicked Sync, and then clicked sync vault now.

Login details still haven’t appeared in the web vault.

Well, my personal stupidity came to the surface. I had an error in my login.

Thanks for your help.