Firefox extension pop-window hangs when opening types / folders

Using the latest version 2022.12.1 with Firefox 108 on Win10Pro.

I frequently use the extension pop-out window alongside my browser window to quickly look up credentials or generate passwords, sort of like a open tab that I can refer to without it closing all the time when focus is lost. When viewing the vault and after some activity in the browser main window (opening and closing tabs), the pop-out window hangs when clicking on a type or a folder. For example, clicking on the ‘Login’ type results in the spinner showing and remaining there. This behavior happens for all types and folders. The way to restore previous behavior is to close the pop-out window and re-open it. Then it works as expected until sufficient interaction with the main browser windows occurs.

This appears to be limited to the Firefox extension as I can’t get it to fail in the same way for the Chrome extension.