Firefox extension overwrite password doesn't work

  1. Find a login and choose edit.
  2. Click on the ‘Generate Password’ (arrow circle) rightmost button next to the password field
  3. Choose ‘Yes’ for the prompt ‘Overwrite Password’
  4. Choose ‘Select’ in the top-right corner
  5. Click on the ’ Toggle Visibility’ (eye) middle button next to the password field.

In Android app: you see the freshly generated new password and can save it
In Firefox extension: you still see the old password and clicking save does not change the password, new freshly generated password is not saved.

Extension: 1.51.0
Firefox: 89.0.2

I’m having a similar problem. See Firefox Extension Add Login Generate PW Won't Save

Firefox 89.0.2 x64
Extension 1.51.0
Win10 x64

Something has broken. This previously worked as expected, but now, when adding a new Login for a site I’m on, the URL is entered, as is the name, but when I enter a Username, and choose to generate a PW, when I click SELECT in the generate PW dialog, it returns to the Add Login screen and the PW field is blank, and it also blanks the Username field I just filled in. I can copy the PW, and fill everything back in again, but this is clearly broken now. Anybody else seeing this?

Note: This is similar to, and may be related to post Firefox extension overwrite password doesn't work


Looks like this was reported here, too: [Firefox] Generated password not inherited when adding new login · Issue #1943 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

Seems easy enough to reproduce. I’ll check with the team to see what the status is, but we’ll post updates to the github issue.


It was reported here first: Password Generator clears out unsaved changes · Issue #1927 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub and has been submitted to the store for release. Should be fixed as soon as Mozilla approves it.