Firefox Extension Inconsistancy with 2-Page Logins


I’ve been using BW for a few weeks now, via the FF extension only, and so far am pretty happy with it. But I’m far from a proficient user and still trying to understand some of the behaviour.

The one thing niggling me right now is with 2-page logins e.g. Amazon and Yahoo. In each case (for me, anyway) the Usename is entered on the opening login page, then the password on a different/second, follow-up page.

For Amazon, I need only hit the Auto-fill icon once on the opening login page and the password is automatically populated in the second page without further intervention before proceeding to my user account.

For Yahoo, however, the login halts at the second (password) page and I have to hit the Auto-fill icon again to populate the password before being able to proceed to my account.

Is this a consequence of how the individual web-sites/pages are designed? Or is there something I’m doing wrong, and/or could do differently with the BW login entries?

I had a search thru the FAQ etc but found nothing relating to this, so any advise/guidance welcome,


Great question!

From what I understand, some pages like Amazon, actually have the password field on the login page, just hidden, so the extension is able to fill that field in one shot.

Other pages, as you’ve experienced, have different pages for login/password, and the fields are not loaded at the same time, so the extension physically can’t detect/load the data into the password field until it’s present.

Thanks @tgreer,

So looks like I was right to suppose it has to do with page behaviour. Makes sense, I suppose, but a bit frustrating.