Firefox extension distinguishes Host URIs, Safari extension doesn't

I have separate logins for a pair of sites in the form of and

When using Firefox, Bitwarden presents just one login for each. But when using Safari it presents both logins.

I thought host (etc) matching is set at the vault level, not the browser extension level.

So is Bitwarden doing something wrong, or am I? And if the latter, what might it be?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I switched to “starts with” matching, and that worked.

That doesn’t really explain the problem, though.


the setting is per extension, as it seems:

Thanks Anton - much appreciated. I’m still getting my head around how the work is distributed between the app and the extensions, and exactly what info is synced between them.

So I guess it was selecting a type of matching in the Safari extension that made the difference, not the fact of choosing “starts with” matching.