Firefox Extension Critical Bug - Webpages arbitrarily refuse loading

I just wanted to report that your Firefox extension is buggy and will cause webpages arbitrarily fail to load. Even if you refresh or try a new tab the page will not load, as in no output in the developer console whatsoever, so not like a dns issue, seems more like a run order script issue. It is not consistent behaviour but disabling the extension immediately solves it, so does private/icognito tabs. It has been going on for months now and will be a reason for me to move away from bitwarden. Let me know if I can help fix it in any way. This is tested on two separate computers running different versions of OSX.

It would be helpful if you could add some information to replicate the problem. like identifying problematic website URLs, operating system used, Firefox version, extension version, etc.

There is no set website, it can be anything from google images or a major retailer to a small blog. Operating System is 10.15.2 on one, 10.14.6 on the other. Firefox 72.0.2 but have been going on for the last several versions. Extension is auto-updated to latest version at all times.

I have had no problems with Bitwarden via the Firefox extension on Mojave (on three different machines).

Itโ€™s hard to guess at how to help if the problem canโ€™t be replicated. If you have other extensions running on Firefox, I might look at disabling them to see if the problem persists.

Maybe you will get lucky and someone else with the same issue spots this thread and can add to it.

Is there a console debug log or something like that I can dig up? Iโ€™ll see what else it could be but it goes away as soon as I disable bitwarden. I tried a clean install and it came back after bitwarden.

Sounds like a difficult problem to pinpoint.

Have you tried the Bitwarden extension in a different browser, to see if the problem is isolated to Firefox?

It was the combination of nano adblock with bitwarden, in case anybody runs into it in the future. Ublock origin seems to work fine.

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