Firefox biometrics connection always disconnects

I use TouchID on a macbook for biometric unlock. However, it isn’t working very well in Firefox:

  1. It seems the “connection” between the desktop app and browser extension needs to be rebuilt every time the browser restarts. I.e. a dialog pops up asking to confirm that a long list of words is the same between the app and extension. Safari only does this once, and the pairing survives.

  2. The verification dialog on the extension side immediately disappears, because it loses focus to the desktop app, so there is no way to actually do the verification.

Is this a known issue? Any remedies?

Thank you for reading!

Welcome, @rxkahc43058!

If you use the ‘Require verification for browser integration’ - that causes your need to re-verify when the browser each time. Safari actually has it’s own touch ID APIs, and is why it doesn’t prompt each time.

The browser popup closes when you move focus, so you may want to use the pop-out option or the firefox sidebar if you want to continue using the required verification option.

Hope that helps!