Firefox biometric integration

I try to figure why I can’t use the biometric unlock with the Firefox add-on.
I recently change my computer and with the same configuration, it works on the older one, but not the new.

Firefox 94.0.2
Plugin : 1.54.0
Bitwarden desktop : 1.29.1
Language : french

I enable navigator integration into the desktop application (and try to disable, re-enable, reinstall the app)
Check the permission for the Firefox plugin (and also remove and reinstall it)
Reset Firefox and his configuration.

But when I try to enable biometric, the plugin says it can’t access the desktop application.

How can I debug this ?

Thanks for your help.

Same thing happens in Firefox v95.0 with BW extension 1.54.0. Edge has no issues

@aroubine are you running any other browser plugins? I’ve seen another post that said that sometimes it makes a difference when you’re running cookie or script blocking apps at the moment you’re installing the BW plugin. Did you try (re)installing BW after disabling all other plugins? (you can turn them back on afterwards)

Just try, I have Greasemonkey which can maybe have an impact.

The only extension I keep when I try (I don’t have the choice) is Forcepoint Endpoint which is forced by the administrator of my work.

Unfortunately, nothing changes.

I still have the problem with firefox 97.0 plugin 1.55.0 and 1.31.3.

Any help is welcome.

It seem to be the registry which is not set.
I don’t have the key

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That’s it.
Apparently, the key was only created for chrome.
I add the key for Firefox and now it works.

Add the key com.8bit.bitwaredn into HKCU\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\NativeMessagingHosts\ with the path C:\Users{user}\AppData\Roaming\Bitwarden\browsers\firefox.json

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