Firefox add-on won't sync

Firefox add-on won’t sync

I migrated another family member from lastpass to bitwarden (one more down, almost got them all :))

Though I couldn’t get the Firefox add-on to sync.
The import worked, but additional entries thereafter are not synced either direction.

I tried a few things, logout, reinstall, deactivating other add-ons, deactivating Auto fill, but nothing worked.
The add-on says, it synced, but entries from there don’t appear in the online vault - and additions from there neither in the add-on.

The Android app on the other hand works, so the issue is with the Firefox add-on.

Any idea what could be wrong?
Never had that with any other account.

Thanks a lot!

Interesting — @danmullen recently reported the exact opposite problem in his installation of the FireFox browser extension.

The issue I was having appears to be resolved.

So far nobody seems to have an idea?

I have seen various report of intermittent buggy behavior in the FireFox extension (e.g., see this Reddit comment). I would suggest getting in touch with tech support. Some other debugging ideas below:

If you have access to more than one device, I would try installing the FireFox extension on other devices to see if the problem occurs there, too, or just on the one device. Similarly, I would trying logging in to a different account on the problematic Firefox extension, to check if the problem is specific to one Bitwarden account. If the problem is account-specific, the best solution may be to delete the problematic Bitwarden account, and start over.