Firefox add-on self-closes?

I reported this to support as well, but wondering if anyone else is seeing a similar issue:

Using the Bitwarden add-on with Firefox 72.0.1 on Fedora 31, editing existing sites seems to cause the pop-up window to auto-close under some circumstances:

  • after typing some characters in the Name field (the username field seems fine)
  • after selecting a folder (the drop-down menu is shown but the editing window is gone)

The add-on is last updated on December 27, and I don’t recall experiencing this issue until a couple of days ago - but I don’t edit my sites much so maybe it’s been there for a while.

I’m seeing something similar as well, also Firefox 72.0.1 on Fedora 31. In my case it seems to be triggered when a tooltip appears in the add-on pop-up, or when clicking on a drop-down menu. In the case of the drop-down, the main pop-up closes, but the drop-down list remains visible.

Editing the display name no longer closed the window for me after restarting, odd. But the drop down menu reproduces reliably.

Support recommends using the sidebar (alt+shift+u) for editing, and that definitely works, so I guess this issue is annoying but can be worked around.

I’ll check on my Mac when I return from travel next week to see if it’s affected.