Filters and organisations

We’ve recently installed on-prem bitwarden, which is working, and have begun adding passwords into it.

Whenever I add a new one, it appears in the middle of the “My Vault” list without the shared icon on, and I can then share it in an appropriate folder in our organisation, that’s fine.

I don’t think there is an ability to filter the non-shared items though, so new passwords sit in my account but aren’t available to my collegues

My workaround is to paste

document.querySelectorAll(’.fa-share-alt[title=Shared]’).forEach(e => {“none” })

into the console window, which hides the shared items.

Am I missing something about filtering? We’ve only added 200 passwords so far and It already feels quite difficult to manage them.

Hi @pwuk, welcome!

You’re correct, we treat the overall vault as ‘your items’ - but I’d be glad to hear more about your workflows with importing passwords to see if there is anything easier for you.

Some quick items to note, you can do two things to make the Organization sharing easier:

  • When creating a new item, at the bottom of the item it allows you to set the owner and collection upon creation, so you don’t have to do it all over again. → Adding items doc

  • You can also navigate into the organization itself and import items directly and then share from there. You can also (if you have collections created) - import items and include the collections in the import to speed things up a bit more. → Importing items doc

Anyhow - let me know how those items work out - and feel free to provide any more details. Happy to hear ways we can be better!