Filling in an identity - password requirement

I’m new to Bitwarden and use the Chrome extension in Win 10. Even though I’m logged in, Bitwarden requests my master password before filling in an identity on a form. This seems redundant, so is there a setting to disable this requirement? Thanks!

There’s a distinction between logging in and unlocking your vault. Most likely, you have set a vault time-out option which is either logging you out or locking the vault more frequently than you would like. I think that most users stay logged in most of the time, and set the time-out to lock the vault after a suitable time period (or after some action, such as locking the computer.

One nice thing about the locking option, is that you can configure Bitwarden to unlock the vault with a custom PIN or password instead of your complex Master Password, or even unlock with biometrics.

There is even an option to never time out your vault, although this is not the most secure practice.

Thanks, but I’m logged in and my vault is unlocked. Still I get the prompt to confirm my MP when I try to enter an identity. I configured BF to lock after 30 minutes.


Do you happen to have the “Master password re-prompt” checked in each of your Bitwarden entries?

The “Master password re-prompt” is usually recommended only for individual sites needing a higher level of security.

Appears it may be Master password re-prompt this can be edited per vault item you wish to secure.
I would check each identity

Yep, that was it! I had the Master password re-prompt checked for my Identity; not for any logins. Thanks!