"fill OTP button" next to its internet page's field

With autofill enabled, if the login page takes too long to load, the copied OTP gets expired and you have to copy a new one from the Bitwarden login field with two options:

  1. go to the Bitwarden extension icon (far away from the website login field), choose the OTP icon, click again in OTP and paste it
  2. right click in the website’s page, Bitwarden → copy verification code → select the appropriate entry, and then paste it

In my opinion, both solution takes a little too long and are not straight forward for every user (especially olds).

A nicer way could be a Bitwarden OTP icon near the website’s OTP login field:

Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 16-13-00 Bitwarden Cassaforte Web

Since the login process has already started (username and password were entered), Bitwarden should remember automatically which entry was selected and pressing the OTP button will fill the OTP field. If autofill is not a solution, the button could only copy a new OTP value and the user can immediately paste it.
In the case the right login must be selected, a pop-up near the OTP field shows up letting the user select which OTP to autofill