Fill in more items than just username/password

I have many sites to login which have, as well as username/password, check boxes e.g. “Keep me logged in” and “Hide my logged in status”.
I have come from RoboForm which does fill in these check boxes.
Is there a way for BitWarden to do the same?

Yes, you can use custom field. Choose a Booelan custom field to clear or check checkboxes.

Ah, thanks grb, I must have missed that.
I now see that I should only reply if:
*** You have additional details**
*** The solution doesn’t work for you**
That’s not very friendly is it?
Ah well, this post can be deleted then if necessary. :unamused:
Thanks again.

There is an automated standard message that is displayed for topics that are solved. No need to take it to heart.

If you need any assistance implementing the boolean custom fields for your logins, or if you run into any technical difficulties, just ignore that message and post your follow-up questions.