Field References



Multiple entries can share a common field (username, password, …), and by changing the actual data entry, all other entries will also use the new value.

Option to autofill password that consists of PIN+OTP

Currently migrating from Keepass to Bitwarden for all of my servers. I use backup software which has individual passwords for the agent on each the server to be backed up and the same password on the backup server. I like to have both the password under the backup server’s folder as well as server to be backed up folder.



I have many accounts that use my domain username and password, but the username has to be formatted differently sometimes, i.e.

In all cases, the password is the same, and it expires every 6 weeks, so the entries must be kept in sync. Without field references, this is difficult to manage.


I, too, have high level of need for this. In my place of biz, we have multiple products that roll up under a handful of internal domains. To manually update every 90 days the passwords for these… nope.

With reference fields I update the main domain entry and it filters down to the rest. Very needful for me to be able to use Bitwarden.


That’s +1 for me too. And site identification needs significant improvement too to prevent false logins being offered.


This is also exactly my use case.



I have the need to populate the password field with PIN+OTP. So a configurable output would be great.