FIDO2 support for macOS and Linux desktop client

Seems as per this comment on the github PR this will not be merged.

Instead bitwarden wants to use a native implementation (on windows and macos) with linux support even further out. :slightly_frowning_face:

They can do it either way they want, but it’s 2024 and Bitwarden still doesn’t support FIDO2 keys throughout all platforms. This is a disappointment.

I wonder what Keeper is doing differently on their end. My Fido2 Yubikey works with their Linux desktop app. The only thing that I have noticed that doesn’t seem to be working in the Linux app is using a PIN with the Yubikey.

Most likely they are just using libfido2. Bitwarden can do that too, (aside from on Flatpak), but it requires development effort, and most likely more UI support (for instance, for the PIN), as the platform does not give any UI support (as opposed to Mac/Windows).

Is there any offical update on this?