FIDO2 android

Hey, so, I was waiting for FIDO2 to be available for mobile on Android and I noticed it’s already in changelog. So is it ready? It’s not working for me.

I got to the app, enter username and password, I immediately get prompted for a FIDO key (through what looks like an OS UI). I click it, it goes “ok, that’s fine” and gives me to “return to app”.

Upon pressing the button, the screen slides out and then back in, like trying to press back in a browser with a redirect. I have to cancel, and it returns me to the login screen that has the username but the password is gone.

Is it supposed to be done? Can any of you use FIDO keys with Bitwarden on Android? I cheaped out and didn’t get the Yubi key, I bought a small USB FIDO2 key. It works in Windows 10 browsers. There was a test site for FIDO and I think it works in the browser itself to log into a website on Android.