FF Nightly version (v93) fill and auto-fill don't work

not expecting bug fix since it is Nightly version, just letting you guys know :slight_smile:

deactivated all nightly features and won’t work, maybe have to do with some about:config and might conflict with the extension later on Beta or default FF, but, since Bitwarden is supported by firefox extensions, they wuill tell about the changes and how to fix it

Thank you all for the awesome FOSS app, please keep up the good work

That’s one of the drawbacks of the non-stable versions, and with Firefox this is increasingly alarming. Seems like more and more they just want a non-Chromium Chromium lookalike and I don’t know why.

And as a Software developer/enthusiast I share your affection for FOSS, still there’s one other alternative (at least if you’re on macOS), Safari beats Firefox but unfortunately there’s no Windows version (not from this decade anyway). With Big Sur, the upcoming iOS 15 and the Apple Silicon change feels more accentuated even more than when they change from Motorola to PowerPC.

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I think this may already be queued to be fixed in the next update :slight_smile:

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