Federated Password Sharing

Feature Name

Federated Password Sharing

Feature function

Please add the ability to share and receive passwords with users of other password managers (e.g. Dashlane, LastPass). Password-sharing would be much more useful if it were federated (like email or ActivityPub).

With email, we don’t need an account with Yahoo, Tutanota, and Gmail to be able to communicate with everyone. We only need one account. Password managers should be the same way.

Family members use a different password manager than I do, so it is difficult to share passwords with them. It is unrealistic for people to create accounts with multiple password management services to be able to share passwords.

This feature would probably take years to develop and would require collaboration across multiple companies and software projects. It would likely require the establishment of formal standards, like RFCs.

Related topics + references

Exploring how federated sharing in email and ActivityPub may be helpful in implementing this feature.

The challenge here would be licensing, I’d imagine.