Feature request: Immutable View Only Emergency Access

Desired Feature Behavior:
Allow for selecting a new type of View Only Emergency Access that cannot be removed by the grantee. Meaning once an Emergency Access relationship is enabled, by an invitation being accepted by the grantee, and confirmed by the grantor, only the grantor can remove the relationship. Notwithstanding the grantee deleting their Bitwarden account.

The core, most important part of this feature is to not render the “Remove” selection from the grantee’s Emergency Access options drop down list.

2nd, a nice to have (but not required, especially if it makes implementing this feature too complex) is to block the master password of the grantor’s vault from ever being rendered / exported. While it would be nice for hard-coding to enforce this, it can also be accomplished by the grantor not putting their master password in their vault.

Use case:
This would prevent a grantee from proverbially shooting themselves in the foot by accidentally and permanently removing access to a deceased grantor’s vault.
Next, this would have cool, legal implications because the grantor, using view only emergency access, would make their vault immutable, which would be useful for proving the validity of estate documents, etc. Today, estate settlement common law does not allow the use of digital vaults like Bitwarden, despite there being so many benefits that could replace the antiquated, pre-PKI, low-security procedures that have been in use for centuries (notaries, witnesses, being a pain to execute correctly, and they are less secure, more tamperable relative to an immutable Bitwarden vault). However, the law is changing, and I believe “build it and they will come” is the order in which the use of digital vaults will finally make its way into the mainstream of estate planning. Frankly, if you build it, in my case I plan to “use it and they will come”.

Thank you!