Favicons Discrepencies

I have a few devices that I use to login into my Bitwarden Vault. The firefox plugin shows all the sites that do have favicons correctly. My iPhone appears to as well. However, both an old android phone and my iPad show NONE. I tried logging out and re-logging back in hoping that would refresh the favicon cache on those devices but it didn’t do anything. If they are all being populated from a central cache at Bitwarden, I’m a bit confused as to why it works on some devices and not on others.

Try this: Custom icons for items - #15 by DenalB

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Thanks I took a look at that but I don’t think that will fix my issue. My problem is that it displays them in Firefox, Edge, and even my iPhone. On my Android phone and my iPad it doesn’t show ANY favicons, just the default gray globe. To me that means the app those 2 devices are not getting that list of favicons from Bitwarden for some reason. I’m not sure why and I don’t see a way to force it to refresh that entire list. Logoff/logon does not seem to do it.

Well it does work on my Xiaomi Mi9 (Android 10). To just name a few of the “big ones”:
Airbnb, Amazon, Dominos, eBay, HP, Lego, LinkedIn, Lufthansa, Marriott, Microsoft, Netflix, Nintendo, Nvidia, Paypal, Spotify, Steam, Tripadvisor, Zoom and many more.

That is what is confusing me. It shows them fine (for the sites that have them) on 2 different browsers and my iPhone. It’s just those 2 other devices I have that don’t seem to get them. Lastpass had an option to manually refresh them forcing them to repopulate the app or plugin. I don’t see how to do that on Bitwarden

Did you restart those 2 devices?

Yes actually I have. I tried logging out (and then back in) which didn’t do anything. I also restarted the devices and still nothing. On both they show no favicons for ANY (190+) logins.

How about this: Go to SettingsOptions and scroll down to Disable website icons.
If it is activated, deactivate it. If instead it already is deactivated activate it and then again deactivate it; perhaps even with a reboot in-between.

Good suggestion but unfortunately it still didn’t fix it. When I opened up setting the Disable website icon was grayed out so I assume that means they were active. I then slide it to green to activate it, restarted it, moved it back to the grayed out position and then even resynced my vault. Still none are showing up, just the default gray globe icon.