Faster 2FA extension login

Hi to everyone,
I’m asking for a little improvement to make 2FA extension authentication faster. When I open the extension I’d like to skip page (1)
and directly go to page (2) to avoid mouse using, so being faster.

People with SSO will have to click back button. New users too. Those who need to customize their own servers will face the same issue. So if it is screen 1 everybody will go to their respective places from a single menu. I understand your perspective but taking the above mentioned users into consideration, it would be a little bit of hassle for them.

Madhavan you’re right but I don’t think it is very difficult to automatically make the distinction you were talking about: or select sso or common login according to the last use or some other criteria

You can just tell Bitwarden to lock your vault with your master password or pin after a certain period of time or on browser restart. If you want to skip the home screen and login more quickly, this approach is more suitable. Once vault is locked, Bitwarden will automatically prompt you to enter the master password or pin.

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Yep that could also be done.

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yes i know that, but i wanted to use 2FA and at the same time have faster login