Family - Premium - Selfhosting

Hi all,

Am using Bitwarden for a year now (self hosting). Last year I made a bit of a mess regarding my family subscription and premium account and want to clean up. Goal is to no mess up my organisation. :slight_smile:

Situation is as follows:

  • I have a Family 2019 subscription, where not all members are automatically premium members.
  • This Family subscription was bought with my Account1 on the BW website
  • I bought premium with my Account2 on the BW website
  • I installed my own BW instance and created account Account2
  • I imported the organisation license bought (with Account1) with Account2
  • I do not have Account1 created in my own instance

What I would like is:

  • By the new Family subscription with my Account2 on the BW website.
  • The organisation name in my own instance need to be the same
  • Remove the premium subscription for Account2, as this account is part of the org, so in the new Family plan has premium be default
  • Delete Account1 from BW
  • I do not care if there any โ€œmonthsโ€ left on my old subscriptions. See that as a donation for the good cause.

I guess this is certainly doable, but Iโ€™m hesitant to move forward, as I do not want to risk issue with my organisation.

Can someone point me in the right sequence of the steps?

Thanks a lot!