Family Plan Sync Details

Good afternoon. I’m just starting to explore this service, and I’ve got a question that I could not find in any of the health sections

I’m the IT person in the family (geek) and one of the people I want to help is my elderly father. He is 87 years old, but still messes around with computers. Yes, he kind of drives me crazy sometimes, and his current method of websites and passwords are scribbled on pieces of paper

In terms of the family plan I know that it includes six users. I do all of the support for him for his Windows computer and his iPhone. I also have two adult children who I would add to the Family plan, meaning four “users”

Since the family plan covers six, does each “user” in the family plan get to synchronize a computer and an iOS app? For me (geek) I have multiple devices. My dad would only have one computer and one phone, so I just want to make sure that each “user” can have more than one device

I certainly hope that makes sense. Thank you, and I look forward to somebody helping enlighten me


Hi Michael - welcome!

The Family premium plan only limits the number of users (6), not the number of devices. Bitwarden is great that way - feel free to install the BW client on any device that is supported!


Oh… and as a sidenote… if BW would ever get bought by some venture capitalist… being the true geek you are, you could deploy your own BW server (on a local machine or on your own nifty cloud instance) and chuck on with your life. This is one of the reasons that our organisation decided to move over to BW: while currently service is great and support outstanding… one can never predict the waves of economics. Having an open source solution here just gives that little bit extra ease of mind.

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