Family Account - Missing Subscription and Organization Menue Items in Vault

I have a family account I have shared it with my wife and both of our accounts are acting totally normal on the chrome extension, desktop, and mobile app. I have invited my daughter several times cancelling and reinviting her. That is how I know I have a family account. I go to my web vault and in the menu there is nothing under setting for managing my subscription or my organization. There is nothing there. When I go to my desktop and click on “Account” it says thank you for being a Premium member. I thought I could at least check to make sure my membership did not accidently get changed, but there is nothing showing my membership on the webvault.

Log in to your Web Vault, click the product switcher icon (▦) in the upper right corner, and select Admin Console:

In the left-hand navigation menu, select Members to view the organization members, or select Billing > Subscription to view (or upgrade) your plan.

You can also select Collections to manage your organizations collections (i.e., the containers that hold shared vault items):

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And if it is not in the top-right, widen your window. It does not, for example, show up on my portrait monitor; only my landscape.

Or use the scroll bar:

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