Families Help

Is it just me or is there little to no help regarding BW Families. Just moved over from LP today and am trying to use ‘help’ and ‘YouTube’ to set up a family that can share passwords.

Hello @FamilyMan and welcome to the community,

Much of what you are looking for regarding the “Families plan” should be covered under Organizations within the Bitwarden help section.

You may also find some relevant information within the Bitwarden learning center.

Though if you have any specific questions you can always feel free to reach out here in the community as well, and I’m sure many members will be glad to help and assist with any questions you may have.
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

I wanted to post this specific link which had pretty much everything I needed (should also work if you don’t already have a Premium subscription) - Upgrade from Individual to Organization | Bitwarden Help Center

Basically you have to create an Organization (this can be done from the Vaults tab in the web vault). Then you should see a new tab for Organizations. There will be a Manage section where you can invite people. If you want to pay for Families there’s a Billing section (in the Organization tab) - you’ll have to add a payment method first (there’s a Payment method tab in the menu on the left), then you can add the Families subscription (again there’s a Subscription tab in the menu on the left).