Fallback match detection

I saw a few posts about match detection, but nothing like this I have in mind.

So, here’s my problem…
If I select “Host”, all my work logins work perfectly. All different portals show only one login and I’m happy.
But there’s a whole lot of website that now don’t match, especially those that were created on xxxxx.yy and now moved the login page to en.xxxxx.yy or something similar (and I have a lot of these).
To make these last work I have to select “Base domain”, but now the other pages show up to 9 or 10 logins each.

So my solution would be to have a primary match detection “Host”, and only if no login is found a second match detection “Base domain”.

What do you think? Can I achieve something similar already? Did I miss this in the settings?


For those that begin with “en”, why not use “Exact” match detection? That should work, I think.

“Exact match” would probably work fine, but that makes the match detection even more strict than “host”.
I recently moved from lastpass and I’ve imported hundreds of logins.
If I have to find all those that need a prefix in the url it’s going to be a very slow and painful task.
That’s why a fallback detection would be a good option in this case, it would allow for a strict match were possible, and for a loose match were necessary.