Facing issues with 'Login with device'

Are others also facing reliability issues using ‘Login with device’ feature? On my android phone, i don’t get any notifications even on opening the app and syncing. (70% of the time)

Whenever I used this method it worked fine for me. I am on Android 11.

Even I’m on android 11.

It has worked well for me.

Hey @mazhar can you confirm if you have ’ ‘Allow sync on refresh’ enabled in the Settings menu in Bitwarden? Once done, you should be able to pull down to trigger the notification to display. Also be sure to be logged into the account on mobile that you are trying to authenticate into on the web.

Yes that setting is turned on. On pulling down, now i see the notification. But still not able to receive notification from triple-dot (…) menu sync on android app. I am indeed logged in on my mobile. Thanks for the workaround.