Extension randomly resets settings

I use Bitwarden on three Macs, an iPhone, iPad, and a Windows PC. Mostly the browser extension. I tend to use Edge on my Macs these days but the issue is present in Safari too. Everything is fully updated (Monterey 12.1, iOS 15.2) but that’s irrelevant as it’s happening for two years.

Problem: settings such as Vault timeout and Unlock with PIN seemingly randomly resets to their default settings (i.e. “on browser restart” and “disabled”), meaning I have to re-login and set up these settings all the time. I have set the Vault timeout to “Never” as I use all my systems at home.

It’s been happening to me ever since I started using BW two years ago. It’s infuriating. Any tips? Thanks.

I’ve found this tends to happen after an update - for example the latest update seemed to reset the ‘save TOTP to clipboard’ setting and I had to go in and reactivate it again.

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