Export specific collection

Allow us to export only passwords in a specific collection.

We would like to see this integrated ASAP

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We use bitwarden for documentation of IT-setups. For each setup we created a collection (sometimes with sub-collections). We want to export only specific collections (with sub collections) to easily create a written documentation. We really need this!


Do you mean exporting only what we select to export rather than the whole thing? If so, then yes.

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Same issue here. I would love this function. I don’t want to hand over all my stored items, just the ones from a specific collection. Might this be coming soon?

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This would be good feature! we need it too!

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I would like to export specific collections. Since there is a lot of information, all of it is not needed during export, specific collections are needed.

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This is becoming more important particularly now items can be moved to organizations but not copied/duplicated or moved back. I’m managing consolidating passwords for multiple people from multiple sources and doing this without being able to backup and wipe specific collections is a pain!

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So is it still not possible to export a collection or all collections to a json file??

@Murz thanks for the feedback, it’s been passed along to the team :+1: Currently you can export an Organizational vault in its entirety, although I can see how useful it would be to export a specific collection.

export Organization vault data from the web vault or CLI. Exports can be downloaded as plaintext .json or .csv files, or as a .json encrypted export.

Alternatively some users export and modify vault data before reimporting for bulk changes, or use the CLI to automate processes with custom scripts.

Export to csv does not seem to have a column for csv … at least in in demo (Free) version of Bitwarden. So I can’t move multiple items to a collection at one time and if I export to try to update the collection field, that field is not available.