Export issue

I have export issue when i want to export my passwords, i also have another password manager which is lastpass, i imported passwords from there to bitwarden, and deleted all passwords in lastpass, now if want to export to lastpass from .csv format it wont let me, i get error for that, i know that there is a solution but i cant seem to figure it out, so i need your help.

Hi @Eugene99 unfortunately it’s not quite clear what kind of issue you are facing. Are you trying to export your Bitwarden vault as a csv file to import it into Lastpass? Where and what kind of error message are you receiving?

When i export passwords to lastpass, in the end its blank and corrupt in the lastpass vault and it should not be like that…

I don’t know if Lastpass supports the csv-export from Bitwarden, the only thing I found is modifying the csv manually How do I import stored data into LastPass using a generic CSV file? - LastPass Support

This is a Lastpass issue though