Export doesn't seem to be working from bitwarden.com

As a belt-n-braces backup, I export ,m Bitwarden vault via encrypted json each month and store it securely. Doesn’t seem to be working in Edge today. I get the “Unconfirmed 293250.crdownload” in my Downloads folder but that’s the temporary download file before it’s renamed after download.

Another unusual effect is that I’ve got Edge configured to prompt where to save. This is ignored and it’s downloading straight to my downloads folder.

Working for anyone else?

In Edge, I’m getting a pop up “bitwarden_encrypted_export_20231203061455.json has been blocked as a potentially unwanted app by Microsoft…”. FireFox is successful.

Note: Edge gives the same error for both Account Restricted and Password Protected export. Edge version 119.0.2151.97 64-bit. Windows 10.

The behavior does not reproduce for me on Edge Version Version 119.0.2151.93 or Version 119.0.2151.97, on Windows 11 (22H2).

However, I can explain this:

This is normal behavior in Windows. Downloaded files are always first saved to the default Downloads folder under a temporary name, and then moved/renamed as specified.

Thus, until this issue is resolved, you can just rename the temporary .crdownload file with a filename of your choice, and change the file extension to .json.

FYI, another behavior in Edge if you have configured it to ask you what to do with downloaded files, is that when you choose the Open option instead of saving, then the file will be saved (temporarily) in the folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\MicrosoftEdgeDownloads.

It is important to know about the above behaviors if you use unencrypted exports for backing up your Bitwarden vault, as traces of unencrypted data will be left behind on your device hard drive when these temporary files are created.

Currently on Version 119.0.2151.93 (Official build) (64-bit) but it’s currently updating…

Downloaded files are always first saved to the default Downloads folder under a temporary name, and then moved/renamed as specified.

Well I never - so they are!

I have just spotted a warning triangle. You get that when you try and download Python scripts but you get an option to “Keep”.


Copying and renaming as JSON as a workaround works.

I’ll try it on my laptop as well…

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Later… just upgraded to Version 119.0.2151.97 (Official build) (64-bit) and like MHSwizzlestick above I’m now getting a full warning but more importantly the option to keep. SmartScreen really doesn’t like it :slight_smile: Didn’t think JSON was that bad as it’s a data format, not JavaScript code.


So ultimately a bug in Edge fixed since I posted.

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Does this behavior also happen in linux?

I’m using Edge 124.0 on a Mac and this behavior continues, even when trying to export a .CSV version of my vault.

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 10.13.37 AM

@Zaphod128 Welcome to the forum!

I would suggest clicking Report this app as reputable, and then Keep Anyway.

This is an issue of Edge evidently not being able to tell the difference between a text file and an app. It may be worthwhile to report in Microsoft’s feedback portal.

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